Beyond the Ash and Steel

Judy Kass

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Included on Folk DJ List of Top Albums and Songs weeks after its release (#17 February, 2016), and still garnering rave reviews. Beyond the Ash and Steel was included on Folk DJ's List of Top Albums Songs and Artists for 2016.

”Beyond the Ash and Steel.. a powerful recording from a brilliant songwriter and performer" - ( WFDU Traditions) …“Striking vocals, instrumental prowess…thought provoking lyrics and toe tapping tunes..”- (Sing Out Magazine) – DJ and author, Ron Olesko

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Featuring nine original songs and an interpretation of “The Snows They Melt the Soonest” (Traditional), Judy’s second album, Beyond the Ash and Steel, pushes past the celebrated intimate acoustic portrait of her first CD to reflect even more of her jazz and blues influences. The result is a pleasingly eclectic mix that includes several driving “foot-tapping” tracks.

As in her first album, Judy’s abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer, and arranger in “Beyond the Ash and Steel” are palpable in the creative and lyrical narrative, exquisite melodies and rich harmonics that showcase her transporting voice and command of her instruments. Beyond the Ash and Steel includes the talents of Sara Milonovich (Richard Shindell), Dan Hickey (They Might Be Giants, Joe Cocker), Mark Dann and the legendary John Sebastian. It also features sizzling trumpet licks and vocal harmony from Judy’s own daughter — Kyla Moscovich — an award winning trumpeter.

Co-produced with Mark Dann, Beyond the Ash and Steel is full of unique twists and turns of lyric, melody and harmonics that have a distinct groove while offering a familiar warmth.

Better Things

Judy Kass

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Judy's first recording, Better Things, appeared steadily on Roots Music Top 50 Folk Album and Song Charts throughout the year following its release, with "Take a Lesson" climbing to #5 on it's Top 50  Folk Chart and #1 on it's Contemporary Folk Chart.

"The brilliance of Better Things rests on Kass' expressive singing, gifted storytelling and sterling musicianship...Blessed with a beautiful voice just this side of soprano, Kass easily touches listeners with her songs." Thomas Staudter, Hudson River Journal

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 After a hiatus of "collecting stories”, Judy returned full circle several years ago to her first love of acoustic folk performance.  Her debut album, "Better Things", coproduced with Jay Mafale (The Ya Yas), and released early 2014, is a musical illustration of sojourns along her journey, highlighting her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and arranger.  "Better Things" has received notable airplay, appearing steadily on Roots Music Top 50 Folk Album and Song Charts for six months following its release, with her song "Take a Lesson" climbing to #5 on Roots Music's Top 50  Folk Chart and #1 on their Contemporary Folk Chart.   It was also included on both the Roots Music Report’s and the Folk DJ Listerv’s 2014 year-end top albums charts."

Better Things features original songs by Kass and an interpretation of “Details” by the deceased and beloved singer songwriter, Rob Morsberger.   Drawing from her connection to the Upstate-NY Tribes Hill music community, the album includes the talents of Jeff Eyrich (Tim Buckley, Natalie Cole), Eric Puente (The Grand Slambovians), KJ Denhert, and Deni Bonet. It also features wonderful string arrangements by Frank Niemeyer and rich horn parts  from Judy’s own daughter - Kyla Moscovich - an award winning trumpeter.