From the recording Better Things


Green Lined Coat
There’s a wish in the pocket of her green lined coat
Written on the back of a tardy note
And it takes her through the crowded halls
To where her dreams run free
She’s sailing a ship of long lost pets
Each dog and cat she’s ever met
And she’s searching for an empire
In the middle of the sea.
(Chorus) She’s not alone, she’s not afraid
A song and plan run through her head
As she steps on purpose on the crack in the street
And smiles past the stares
She disappears, she’s gone
As her fingers close on the magic stone
That she keeps next to the wish she holds
In the pocket of her green lined coat
Too much, too big a price to pay
To follow them, do what they say
So she sits far from their laughter
In the lunchroom and the yard
She counts the minutes till the school day ends
And shares a laugh with a “sometimes” friend
Holds fast to the promise she keeps
In the pocket of her green lined coat
(Chorus) She’s not alone…..
(Bridge) It sweeps away her pain
And washes out the hurt
And crumples up her shame
The fury and the doubt
No angry tears to cry
No raging words to shout
Inside her lonely world
The odd girl out
The next year when she grew a size
A denim jacket was a big surprise
But she kept the wish for another to find
In the pocket of her green lined coat