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Beyond the Ash and Steel

Time will take your past your sorrow
And slowly move you through your pain
Let it take you to tomorrow
Where you’ll find your way again

And the road that you will follow
May be off the beaten path
You can find your beacon waiting
In the strength of every breath

There’ll be days that go too quickly
Some will never seem to end
Some will leave their comfort with you
Some will show you how to bend

In the apex of the moment
You let go the willful fight
So the wave of calm can find you
And soothe the storms that steal your night

(Bridge) Life reminds our spirits how to rise
Looking past the dark and teary skies

Sun slips through the darkest hours
Shares a hint of brighter day
Let it bathe you in its shower
Rays of hope to shine the way

Time will take you past your sorrow
And the love with help you heal
Let it take you to tomorrow
And far beyond the ash and steal
Far beyond the ash and steal